How to Find Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles


Ashtanga Yoga bruxelles follows the traditions set down by Sri PattabhiJois and his line of gurus. Sri Krishna PattabhiJois (1915-2009) was a native of Mysore (now Mysuru)  in the state of Karnataka, India, who took to yoga at the young age of 12.  He devoted his entire life to the practice of yoga and established the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysuru. It was renamed by his grandson SharathJois and is now called the K.PattabhiJois Ashtanga Yoga Studio.


Ashtanga Yoga teaches the vinyasa tradition followed by Sri PattabhiJois, which is that form of yoga in which breathing is synchronised with movement such that the practitioner moves from one asana (pose) to another smoothly. The hallmarks of Ashtanga Yoga are:

  1. Deep breathing
  2. Structured sequences of Yoga postures
  3. Synchronization of the above two
  4. The technique creates heat internally
  5. Contraction of core muscle groups when doing Ashtanga Yoga
  6. Toning of muscles, improvement in balance and concentration as benefits.

In 1964, a Belgian named Andre Van Lysebeth spent two months learning Ashtangavinyasa yoga from him. Andre later published a book on what he had learnt and included the address of his guru. That saw the beginning of westerners coming to Mysuru to study yoga. Shri K. PattabhiJois also travelled to California USA , South America and Australia to teach yoga.

All teachers of Ashtanga Yoga in Brussels bear allegiance to Sri PattabhiJois. Those who have set up Ashtanga Yoga classes are people who have been directly associated with Sri PattabhiJois.

How to find a good Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles

  1. Research – Some research about Ashtanga Yoga and Sri PattabhiJois can be done on the internet. There is a lot of information about Sri PattabhiJois and his notable disciples who went on to establish their own Ashtanga Yoga Studio. Some of these disciples are Andre Van Lysebeth, Jean Claude Garnier, Anne Pinkette. The unique nature of Ashtanga Yoga can also be studied extensively on the internet.
  1. Levels offered – Based on the research, one can decide on an Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Bruxelles. It is useful to know the levels which are offered at your chosen Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Ashtanga yoga has three levels.
  • The primary series called yoga treatments detoxify and align the body.
  • The intermediate series called nadishodana purifies the nervous system and cleans what is known in the ayurvedic system of medicine as the energy channels(nadi).
  • The Advanced Series A, B, C and D are also called the SthiraBhaga which means steady strength. A lot of arm balances and strength work are included, while working deeper into the joints.
  1. Reputation – A good yoga Studio is one where there isn’t the slightest whisper of malpractice, as in inappropriate touching, or reports of injury of students while receiving instruction.

Thus Ashtanga Yoga is very popular in European and western countries on account of its benefits. It is said that Ashtanga Yoga is a combination of strength, sweat and stamina, resulting in circulation of vital energy throughout the body, bolstering the nervous system and bringing lucidity and clarity to the  mind.

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